Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Rays’ playmaking ability has Tampa Bay up 2-0 over Astros in ALCS

Rays' playmaking ability has Tampa Bay up 2-0 over Astros in ALCS

SAN DIEGO — It was not until Manuel Margot’s feet left the ground that it occurred to him that he might fall. The Rays right fielder had played more than three seasons in Petco Park as a Padre, but he played every inning of his tenure here in center. He was not entirely sure of the contours of the right field wall. He was not entirely sure what lay on the other side of it. He was only sure that he wanted to catch the fly ball slicing toward him.

There were men on second and third with two outs and the top of the Astros’ order due up in the second inning when George Springer lofted a sinker down the third-base line. Margot, positioned straight-up in Petco’s generous right field, darted 102 feet to his left, using his glove to shade his eyes from the sun, and, just as he leaned over the fence, snared the baseball. That was when he realized he could not stop leaning. He was dismayed to learn that while the wall rises perhaps three feet from the field, the walkway on the other side is more like six feet below it. He braced himself with his left hand. He shot his right into the air. Umpire Manny González made the out sign.

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