Thursday, December 3, 2020

Ragnarok May be Coming to PS4

Ragnarok May be Coming to PS4

PlayStation Boss Jim Ryan Refuses to Rule it Out

A lot of games in the beginning of a console’s life-cycle are multi-generation. While the version available for a newer generation benefits from better graphics, it’s rarely a major difference in terms of plotline or gameplay – the only example of one that does differentiate greatly is Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, which varied greatly between the PS1 and PS2 – which just shows how rare it is.

The reason for this is simple: companies don’t want to limit sales to players who bought the newer console – especially given that a new console costs hundreds of dollars, and many gamers might limit their initial purchases to a handful of games, in an increasingly packed line-up the longer it takes them to upgrade.

While some of the upcoming PS5 games – like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart – are exclusive to the newer console, a lot of upcoming titles will be available for the PS4. One game that’s still up in limbo is God of War: Ragnarok, as PlayStation boss Jim Ryan refused to confirm the long-time console exclusive franchise’s latest outing would be exclusive to their latest console.

We don’t know much about the story of Ragnarok just yet, but the name itself is telling; Ragnarok is the Norse end of days, when many gods will fall in battle and the world will be flooded. Gods falling is par for the course for the series, where hero Kratos personally kills numerous divine entities, but we can expect the game to follow suit with the reboot’s more emotionally involved narrative style than the style over substance approach of the earlier games in the series. We’ll have to wait until the game releases to get confirmation, but until then feel free to share your theories down in the comments, on Twitter, or on Facebook.


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