Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Press Play: Some podcasts that discuss video games

Press Play: Some podcasts that discuss video games

Gaming was mostly a pastime when this millennium began. It still is. But it’s also a burgeoning market now, involving billions of dollars. Esports is being seriously considered for the Olympics as we speak. The viewership and prize money of esports in some cases is already higher than physical sporting events. So, this week, we are looking at podcasts that discuss games.

If you are looking for a 360-degree view of the world of gaming, then, this is the podcast for you. It tracks the latest developments from all spheres of gaming — PS5, Xbox One, PC, phone and others. The podcast is hosted by a bunch of IGN staff. Episodes usually feature debates and discussions about the ongoing trends or the latest consoles. Apart from offering the latest news, the hosts also have fun segments like retro throwbacks that take you back to the world of Super Mario and Contra.

Episode length: 60-plus minutes (on average) Available on: Google podcast, Apple podcast, Spotify and more.

It’s three gaming nerds discussing a topic every week. But the hosts aren’t just random gaming nerds. Andrea Rene (producer at Yahoo Esports, IGN, GameStop TV, and more), Brittney Brombacher (the creator of and Kristine Steimer (who has worked at IGN, PlayStation and more) cumulatively have over 30 years of experience in the gaming industry. The all-women podcast also goes against the stereotype of gaming being the stronghold of boys and men. Their latest episode features a breakdown of PS5. Don’t miss that.

Episode length: 90-plus minutes (on average) Available on: Google podcast, Apple podcast, and more.

Perhaps you want not just news and the usual to-the-point discussions but sprawling conversations like you would have with your friends about gaming. Then, Giant Bombcast is what you are looking for. One episode will have an assortment of talking points — for instance, pricing of PlayStation, Mario 3D All Stars, pro-wrestling, quarantine bathing habits, breakfast cereals and more. Trust us, it’s as whacky and informal as it seems when you are reading this. Host Brad Shoemaker and his guests make you feel like you are listening to a conversation from a Quentin Tarantino movie — seemingly off-topic, amusing nevertheless.

Episode length: Over two hours Available on: Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify and more.

This podcast, hosted by industry veteran Kahlief Adams among others, aims to highlight people of colour in gaming. Even as they cover industry news, design developments, new gaming characters, they offer unique insights. For instance, in a discussion about Overwatch, they highlighted the lack of a black female character though the game includes other women of colour. The show calls for more inclusion of non-white individuals in gaming, which is becoming increasingly influential and immersive.

Episode length: 60 minutes (on average) Available on: Apple podcast, Google podcast, Spotify and more.

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