Monday, September 21, 2020

Port Adelaide v Richmond, Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs

Port Adelaide v Richmond, Brisbane Lions v Western Bulldogs

Brisbane captain Dayne Zorko was also a key contributor and he spoke to Channel Seven after the game…

Q: You are second on the ladder.
A: Really happy with the boys’ efforts tonight. Coming off back-to-back four-day breaks. We did a lot right against Richmond, didn’t execute. After a slow start, to be able to finish the way we did. Nervous in the last quarter, but overall proud of the boys.

Q: Zac Bailey, two goals, real quality about him.
A: He is one of the maturing guys that has probably been on the fringe for the last few years. His pre-season this year was exceptional. He has been able to force his way into the side. He has been great for us. The next level for him is consistently bringing that to the game. He is going through some inconsistent patches at times. He is working really hard to get them out of his game. Tonight we got to see how bright his future is. In the change rooms then he said he should have kicked four. He’s got a little bit of swagger about him too which is great.

Q: Always a dangerous opponent, the Western Bulldogs. They can rattle goals on pretty quickly and start pinging the ball around. They’re hard to put away.
A: They really are. They’re a very difficult side. So well drilled. Always throwing different looks at you. If you’re not at the top of your game, they can impact the scoreboard quickly. At the start of the last quarter, I was getting nervous because they were going for it. To our boys’ credit, really great we’ve matured and been able to stop that momentum. It is something we’ve worked on for the last few years, stopping teams’ momentum, we were able to do that. A couple of late goals, keep the margin as it was.

Q: We were concerned about Charlie Cameron, he landed awkwardly. We took a deep breath for a moment. The fact he strapped the knee, appeared to be OK. Any indication of how he is?
A: I told him, “It’s a bruise, mate, you’ll be right”. It looks like hyperextension. He is walking around really boisterous in the change rooms at the moment. Hopefully it’s not too serious. The fact he was able to get movement through it and come back out on the game is a good sign. Hopefully just a little bit of bone bruising, they can be nasty those injuries. The fact he was able to run again is an encouraging sign for us.

Q: Can I ask about the final series last year, you had an unbelievable season, the Lions, then had that to deal with. How much is that driving this group to get into the finals series, whenever they’re played this year and take it the next step?
A: Significantly. As a group we learnt a lot from our losses last year. We were in both of those games right up to our necks really. It was disappointing we weren’t able to execute our game plan as well as we would have liked to. We had a good look at that over the summer. We’ve come out and changed our style. We are confident if we are put in that situation again, we will be able to execute and turn the tables. In saying that, it was great we walked into a finals series with 18 players not playing a final, the fact we were able to get two into our core list is encouraging. Hopefully that holds us in good stead.

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