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plus 35% off the Nest Hello – Which? News

plus 35% off the Nest Hello – Which? News

Smart doorbells are the latest must-have connected gadget, and with sales on popular models doing the rounds for Black Friday, you might be tempted to take the plunge.

But not all doorbells are created equal – there are additional factors, like subscriptions and installation to cover, plus we’ve found a range of doorbells from lesser-known brands that could be a security risk.

Read on for our selection of some of the best deals, and to find out more about buying a smart video doorbell you can trust.

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Best deals on Ring doorbells

Ring video doorbell 3 – was £179, now £119  (34% off according to the retailer)

We liked Easy to install and easy to use – plus it comes with an easily removable battery. 

We didn’t like Video quality isn’t up to scratch compared to some higher-end models

The Ring Doorbell 3 is an attractive option at a decent price. It offers 1080p video resolution with both night vision and motion detection, along with two-way talk for communicating with visitors.

It’s very similar to the 2nd generation Ring, but a removable battery makes it a bit easier to charge.

Read our full review of the Ring Doorbell 3 or buy it now at Amazon, John Lewis or Argos.

Ring video doorbell Pro – was £229, now £149  (35% off according to the retailer)


We liked Accurate motion detection, no need to worry about battery life

We didn’t like Requires a wired installation, which might cost you extra

A more permanent solution to smart comms in the home, the Ring Pro is a bit more expensive, and requires wired installation, which may well cost you more unless you’re confident enough to try yourself.

It’s a sleek, attractive unit though, slimmer and lighter than other models, so we doubt you’ll ever want to take it off. Feature-packed with 1080p video, infrared, and two-way talk, there are also a range of colours available.

Read our full review of the Ring Doorbell Pro or buy it now at Amazon, John Lewis or Argos.

Ring video doorbell (2nd gen) – was £89, now £59  (34% off according to the retailer)

We liked Simple to install and use, affordable price tag

We didn’t like Battery isn’t removable so you’ll need to factor in recharge time

As the ‘cheap’ option in the range, this entry-level Ring model is now under £60, thanks to Black Friday discounts. Despite the low price it still offers the same 1080p video as more expensive versions, and a similar array of features.

There are some caveats – while it’s battery powered and so can be installed easily yourself, you will need to remember to keep it charged.

Read our full review of the Ring Doorbell 2nd gen or buy it now at Amazon, Argos or

Best deals on Nest doorbells

Nest Hello – was £229, now £149  (35% off according to the retailer)

We liked Responsive, accurate, with a range of useful features

We didn’t like Requires professional installation and additional subscription for full functionality

Ring isn’t the only doorbell in town – Google’s Nest Hello is a worthy alternative, and part of the Nest smart family that includes thermostats, wireless cameras and smoke alarms. It has a wide array of features including the important motion detection, infrared night vision and two way comms, but does need an existing wired doorbell feed for installation. You can buy a kit to do this, but most would be better off paying a professional.

Read our full review of the Nest Hello or buy it now at, Argos or John Lewis.

How to buy a smart video doorbell

Not so long ago there were only a few models to choose from in this market, but today you’ll find dozens across online retailers and marketplaces. As with many such devices, all video doorbells are absolutely not made equal. There are a range of things to consider before you buy, not least additional installation and subscription costs. Our guide on How to buy the best video doorbell can get you started.

Another important consideration is security. While you’re unlikely to have issues with the big brands, the same can not be said if you roll the dice on a cheap doorbell from a brand you don’t recognise. Read our guide on video doorbell security for more.

If you’re picking up a video doorbell we’ve reviewed, you can rest easy. All models have been put through a thorough security test, as well as assessments on performance, ease of use and even theft protection. Find out how we test video doorbells.

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This story was originally published on 20 November 2020. We’ll keep updating it whenever we spot new deals  that our experts believe are worth buying.

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