Sunday, October 25, 2020

Peach sex game 8 years in the making hit with Nintendo takedown

Peach sex game 8 years in the making hit with Nintendo takedown

In 2012, a developer named Ivan Aedler uploaded an erotic fan game starring Princess Peach to the internet. The hentai-inspired game, Peach’s Untold Tale, racked up millions of views on adult websites over the years. Aedler updated the game frequently, but it wasn’t until 2020 that the fan-developed game drew Nintendo’s ire.

As originally reported by TorrentFreak, Peach’s Untold Tale was recently hit with a copyright takedown from Nintendo, so it’s no longer possible to download and play the title. Instead, when you load up the former Github page that contained Peach’s Untold Tale, you are presented with a public notice letter that reads, “The copyrighted works are Nintendo’s characters and audio-visual works from its Super Mario video game franchise.” The DMCA notice says that Peach’s Untold Tale fell beyond fair use claims, despite the creator claiming it was a porn parody that could theoretically could fall under fair use.

When it was available, the game allowed Princess Peach to have sex with (and become impregnated by) Super Mario enemies like the Goomba, or dress up in a variety of costumes. Footage shows Princess Peach sleeping with a number of characters, and players could choose different ways for the sexual acts to conclude. The last update for the game hit on April 19, when the developer told players who supported his Patreon that he would “prefer to be dead” than “abandon” the game. All the same, Peach’s Untold Tale went on an extended hiatus that was worsened by the coronavirus.

“With the urgent cases of COVID-19, I am safe and checking my schedule to continue the game,” Aedler wrote in March 2020. Aedler’s Patreon currently collects $175 a month, though Peach’s Untold Tale was available for free.

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