Sunday, November 29, 2020

PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff apologizes for not wearing mask in group photo


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A Progressive Conservative legislator is apologizing for not wearing a mask while posing for a group photo over the weekend.

Sam Oosterhoff, who is also the parliamentary assistant to the education minister, posted the picture on social media but later deleted it.

Critics – including the NDP and the head of the Ontario Hospital Association – have called for Oosterhoff’s resignation as parliamentary assistant, saying he was not following his government’s pandemic guidance.

A screengrab of a social media post made by PC MPP Sam Oosterhoff. Photo by Screengrab /Twitter

Oosterhoff says the event took place at a banquet hall where the province’s rules permit less than 50 people to attend.

He says the event included five tables that were distanced and limited to less than ten people at each.

But Oosterhoff says he should have worn a mask when taking the picture given the proximity of the people around him.

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