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Ottawa homicides: Eight lives lost to violence in 2020

Ottawa homicides: Eight lives lost to violence in 2020

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His children remembered him as a devoted father who couldn’t say no to his precious girls and left them wanting for nothing.

Police charged Laura Dabene, a former friend and girlfriend, with second-degree murder.


Fifty-eight-year-old Gholam Alisalehie was a former child soldier in the Iran-Iraq war who battled addiction and PTSD. He survived being shot twice, an opioid addiction that ravaged his life and seeing his fellow soldiers die.

In March, he was stabbed with a drywall saw outside the Shepherds of Good Hope shelter in broad daylight.

Staff from the shelter and Ottawa Inner City Health, which operates a safe injection site in the area, attended to him until emergency crews arrived.

Alisalehie came to Canada as a refugee from Turkey, who ended up there after getting lost in the desert. He witnessed the bombing of his friends, threw down his weapon and fled into the desert. Diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, he started using opiates to lessen the pain of unbearable flashbacks.

Police believe an argument broke out between Alisalehie and two other men. Police alleged Tyler Richard then pulled a blade from his pocket and stabbed Alisalehie, who was rushed to hospital where he later died.

Richard was charged with second-degree murder.


John Hulbert, 90; His son, Paul Hulbert was charged with second-degree murder. Postmedia

In April, John Hulbert, a retired nuclear physicist, was found stabbed to death inside his Grenon Avenue apartment. Homicide detectives alleged his own son killed him.

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