Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Now pay fine for not wearing seat belt on car’s back seat, not installing side mirror on bikes

Delhi Traffic Police

If you are planning to visit the national capital of Delhi (Delhi) in a car or two-wheeler, then this news is very important for you. New traffic rules have come into effect since Friday. Under this, now it will be necessary to put a seat belt if you are sitting on the back seat of the car as well. Whereas, in a two-wheeler, it will be mandatory to have side mirrors. If this is not done, Delhi Traffic Police can cut your challan.

While issuing orders in this regard, the Delhi Traffic Police stated, ‘Most two-wheelers do not have side mirrors, and some people intentionally remove mirrors. Due to which the risk of an accident increases to a great extent during driving. At the same time, the person sitting on the back seat of the car never attaches a belt. Due to this small negligence in a major accident, the passenger dies.

Officials said that this rule has been mentioned in both the Motor Vehicle Act 1988 and the Central Motor Vehicle Act 1989.

But now the traffic police will campaign in Delhi to spread awareness about this rule and will also charge a fine. According to the information received by the department, a fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed for not installing the rear seat belt in the car, and a challan of Rs 500 will be deducted for not installing a side mirror in a two-wheeler.

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