Friday, April 23, 2021

Now earn money from Twitter, with the ‘Super Follows’ feature, here’s how

Twitter Exclusive Content Feature

In exciting news for social media enthusiasts, Twitter is bringing forth a set of new features for its diverse user-base all over the world. One of the features that is grabbing the headlines is that of exclusive content. This new feature would let Twitter users charge a fee from their followers for access to exclusive content. The microblogging platform made the announcement during an investor presentation on Thursday (February 25).

The ‘exclusive content’ feature would bring about a new way of earning revenue for Twitter users as they will be able to charge for extra material from their followers and it can therefore include a variety of subscriber-only content like videos, deals, discounts, newsletter, among other things. The ‘super follow’ feature is going to be available to the Twitter users this year, according to a company spokesperson.

The ‘super follow’ feature along with an array of other new features and products are going to be launched as part of Twitter’s goal to improve its business. Twitter is generally renowned for its short messages that are broadcasted to a large audience, but now it is going to diversify the platform further. Twitter is trying to build more ways in which people could hold conversations.

A Reuters report said that Twitter Inc is setting forth to double its annual revenue in 2023. To that end, Twitter will also be bringing forth a hosting platform for live audio discussions, similar to Clubhouse. ‘Twitter Spaces’ is currently in the testing stage, allowing around a thousand users to make use of the service.

Twitter also acquired a newsletter publishing service earlier called Revue. It would let people share long-form content as well. The social media giant is going to allow creation of ‘communities’ to cater to particular interests of its users.

In a conversation with Reuters, Twitter’s head of consumer product, Kayvon Beykpour, said that the creators on the platform would be able to set and enforce social norms beyond the rules of Twitter and customise communities.

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