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Natalya Neidhart: Thank you, Taker

Natalya Neidhart: Thank you, Taker

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Over the course of 21 WrestleManias, Undertaker was unbeatable. No other WWE Superstar in history has been able to match “The Streak,” or even come close to it. What has stood out the most to me about Undertaker’s unprecedented career in WWE was his unquestionable loyalty. After debuting 30 years ago, he has remained with WWE for his entire career. Through highs and lows, he was a steady, stable grounding force in WWE.

TJ Wilson, Undertaker and Nattie backstage at Survivor Series, wishing Taker the best in his final farewell. Photo by Nattie Neidhart /Supplied Photo

When I debuted in WWE in 2008, Undertaker was there. He was the locker room leader, a teacher and someone who made you want to be better at your craft. I remember so many of my early matches in WWE, as I was brand new to Smackdown and as excited as I was to be a part of the main roster, I was also afraid of making mistakes and not being good enough. After every match, Undertaker would be there for all of the talent if we needed to ask him for an unbiased opinion or get advice on how we could make our performances better. I’m so grateful to be able to look back and think about how he helped so many of us make huge contributions to the WWE by paying forward the vast knowledge of his craft.

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