Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Natalya Neidhart: Plenty of history at Survivor Series

Natalya Neidhart: Plenty of history at Survivor Series

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Sasha Banks is the current Smackdown Women’s Champion and one of the best in ring competitors in all of WWE.  As someone who has held every major Women’s Championship in WWE, Sasha is someone who has gotten knocked down, but always gets back up and swings for the fences every single time she steps foot in the ring.

Ruby Riott has been in the game a long time and with her experience and tenacity, she packs a powerful punch. I’ve had some of my best rivalries in WWE against Ruby and she’s pushed me to my limits. Ruby has leadership skills in and out of the ring that make her destined to become a future champion.

Raw vs. Smackdown is what makes Survivor Series so fun because we get dream matchups between both brands! Photo by Supplied Photo /WWE

Liv Morgan is one of my favorite women to compete against. She is so athletic and relentless in striving for greatness in the ring. My first singles match at WrestleMania was against Liv, where we had a great match. She has the skills to back it up no matter who she’s in the ring against.

With two spots left on the Smackdown Women’s Survivor Series team, I am going to do whatever it takes to make the team and bring the Smackdown women to victory this Sunday. I am going to remind everyone why I am The BOAT: “The Best of All Time.”

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