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NASCAR Quiz: Real Name Or Fake?

NASCAR Quiz: Real Name Or Fake?

Make a left turn and drive on into this quiz.

Before you take this quiz, remember, it could be as little as five real names or as many as fifteen. Also, I do not write my own NASCAR fan-fiction, but I tried my best for the fake names.

Green Flag! Go:

  1. Jimmie Johnson has won 83 NASCAR Cup Series races. He is an 7-time Cup Series Champion and won five straight.

    Via FOX Sports

  2. He has not won a NASCAR Cup Series race, but over his career, has earned more than $15M. (This post was written before his first big win at Daytona on Sunday.)

    Via NBC Sports

  3. Bobby Labonte won it all in 2000, and this retired driver won 21 Series races. Also, a NASCAR Hall-of-Famer.

    Via NASCAR

  4. If Ernie Ellis were a real person, he’d be the grizzled veteran. He has been in the business for too long and has a love-hate relationship with racing.

  5. Truex Jr. has won 27 races and has sat atop the poll 19 times. Last season, he had 23 top-10 finishes.

    Via NBC

  6. Austin Carson sounds like the young, up-and-coming punk driver. You wreck him, his father (billionaire ex-driver) Earl Carson will come for everything you own.

    A.C. is a real piece of work…you know, if he were real.

  7. The defending champion, Chase Elliot looks to repeat after a five-win season in a pandemic year.

    Via FOX

  8. Arguably the greatest racer of all-time, Petty won seven championships.

    Via FOX

  9. Cole Custer won a single race last year, but finished ranked 16th overall in a 36-race season.

    Via FOX

  10. We all know a Tony Wade. A friendly face to all the drivers. He always tries to be the peacekeeper but avoids altercations altogether. However, Tony does not exist.

  11. If Roscoe existed, he would walk out of press conferences without warning and strut like Danny Zuko from Grease.

    He’d drive the No. 1 car, because he is…the one and only.

  12. Shake and bake! Cal was John C. Reilly’s character in Talladega Nights. I was hoping to fool someone who recognized the name but hasn’t seen the movie.

    Via Columbia Pictures

  13. In a world where this man exists, Sonny Pittman has done advertisements for multiple steak houses and a of couple rib joints.
    He has never won a race, but his comedic personality gets him over with fans.

  14. Rusty Wallace won 55 races over his long career from 1980 to 2005. He also won the championship ’89.

    Via FOX

  15. Wallace has yet to win a Cup Series Race, but is one of the brighter young stars heading into his fourth season.

    Via FOX Sports

  16. Betty Charlotte is what I had imagined an old school racer, but it turns out there was actually a woman named Sara Christian who competed in the inaugural race at Charlotte Speedway.

  17. Forget RDJ, RDW puts the “W” in his nickname. As sure as his name is Roy Dale White, he does what he has to to finish in the top-20.

  18. If he existed, Casey Horn would grow up to change his name to “Kasey.” He races to prove his parents wrong that he can and will drive faster than 55 mph.

  19. If he existed, Lee Lee Squared would be that guy who never comes in first and blames everyone else around him. That’s so Lee.

  20. Dick Trickle never won a NASCAR Series race, but he competed over FOUR decades. He passed away in 2013.

    Via FOX

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