Friday, September 25, 2020

Naked City podcast: Stalking a serial killer

Naked City podcast: Stalking a serial killer

The Naked City podcast will take a journey into the dark depths of the Australian criminal underworld. In this series you will hear recordings of some of Australia’s most dangerous criminals, all of who have been remarkably frank in their recollections.

Peter Norris Dupas was convicted of the murders of Nicole Patterson, who was killed in April 1999, and Margaret Maher, who was murdered in October 1997.

He was the prime suspect in the murder of Mersina Halvagis, stabbed to death in November 1997 while tending her grandmother’s grave in the Fawkner Cemetery.

It would take homicide investigators Jeff Maher and Paul Scarlett 13 years, two trials and a shock witness to get their man.

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