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My COVID Story: I was told I should not be worried as I only have fatigue and no fever

My COVID Story: I was told I should not be worried as I only have fatigue and no fever

Doctor turned TV actress Roma Arora had resumed shooting and knew her chances of catching COVID. She suddenly experienced fatigue and decided to isolate herself immediately. Having battled COVID, she urges people to not take fatigue and body pain lightly. Here is her story

My name is Roma Arora. I’m a Doctor turned Television Actress residing in Mumbai. This pandemic has been a strange experience for all of us. After so many months of lockdown, we finally understood that coronavirus is here to stay and we need to start to live with it while taking preventive measures. As everyone slowly started to go out to resume their work, I knew that my chances of contracting this virus will be high as actors have to remove their masks while shooting.

It all started when my body started screaming “I can’t”. Since years, I’m in a habit of getting up early & doing some sort of workout be it Yoga, Zumba, Gymnastics, kick boxing or just jogging or walking. But that day, I just couldn’t get up. Was feeling tired, had no energy to even leave the bed. I was feeling unwell but my body temperature was normal.

Next day, I went out for a jog but my body again screamed “I can’t”. After just 10 minutes of jogging, I had to return home and take rest. I had no symptom except fatigue.

Since, Corona is so prevalent, I decided to isolate myself at home, wear mask while interacting with the house help at home, take proper rest & self-monitor my symptoms. I was supposed to shoot for an episodic TV show but I called them to replace me because of my bad health. I was told not to cancel as I had no fever or cough but I still decided to skip.

Even after taking proper 2-3 days of rest & nutritious food, I was still experiencing unexplained fatigue.

It was around 22nd December when my friends started planning for Christmas & New year and wanted me to be a part of the celebration. As it was difficult for me to say “No” on account of just fatigue, I decided to go for RT-PCR test to rule out COVID.

35 hours later, I received a call from BMC informing that I tested positive for COVID-19 & should Isolate myself.

Cutting the story short, I celebrated Christmas & New year all by myself isolating at home. During the quarantine period, I developed mild fever, mild sore throat and occasional nasal congestion. As I’m a Homoeopathic physician (not practicing now as I completely shifted to Acting), I started to treat myself symptomatically. I continued with multivitamins, increased natural intake of Zinc, Vit. D, Vit. C, etc. Took Homoeopathic medicines like Arsenicum album, Belladonna, Hepar Sulph, per symptoms. It is essential to consult a physician before taking any Homoeopathic drug!

Used Otrivin & Steam for nasal congestion. Practiced Pranayama, meditation, yoga. Kept myself busy in reading books, watching web series/movies, cooking/cleaning (sent house help on leave). I experienced loss of smell for few days. A friend suggested to smell camphor & coincidently the very next day, I regained my sense of smell. Meanwhile, I kept a record of my body temperature, blood pressure, SpO2 level, etc

The reason I thought to share my COVID experience is to urge people not to ignore myalgia (muscle pain) and unexplained fatigue. This could be a very early symptom of COVID-19 (atleast in my case). When your body screams “I can’t”, listen to it! Catching potential symptoms early can minimize the risk of complications and can keep others safe from catching the virus.

Also wanted to mention that Post COVID syndrome is for real. It’s been 26 days since I started feeling unwell, my body must have won against coronavirus but it has impacted the quality of my life. Sleep issues & the ever going fatigue still continues. It’s a very ugly feeling to feel tired all the time even when the physical exertion is minimal. I hope to get back to the 100% me. And i really wish & hope that the vaccine reaches all of us as soon as possible!

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