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My COVID story: Even after getting discharged, my family experienced extreme weakness

My COVID story: Even after getting discharged, my family experienced extreme weakness

Sana Malak and her family tested positive when the COVID fear had just begun to grapple India. While she was asymptomatic, others in her family were in a bad shape. Here’s their COVID journey

My battle with coronavirus dates back to the time when the entire nation was in complete lockdown and when cases were gradually rising in India. When the only thing that everyone asked each other was how many cases? We all were clouded in uncertainty and fear.

It was in mid May when cases were attaining a peak in India. That time a positive case was found on the backside of my house, and then next day in an area on the frontside of my house. In mere 2 days, we found ourselves in a containment zone..

Containment zone
Since it was a lockdown, only essentials were open. But after our area was declared a containment zone, even the essentials did not open many times. People were scared of going out of homes and so were we. We live in a joint family, with my grandmother, two uncles, aunts, their kids, me and my parents. My father, uncle and aunt got symptoms, high grade fever and extreme body pain/myalgia. So much that they could not even get up from the bed. We got them tested and all three of them were COVID positive with pneumonia.

They were admitted in the hospital and we being close contacts were tested too. Tears rolled down my eyes seeing my grandma’s condition (who is 85 years), when they were taking her swab. She did not understand anything and was merely pushing the nurse and crying.

I was naturally worried for my family. When the results came, we realised 5 out of 11 of us were positive including me. I was completely asymptomatic by the grace of God but still had to be hospitalised as there was no home quarantine during that time. My grandmother was negative but she was extremely weak.

How the days went
As the main members of our family were hospitalised and remaining in quarantine, we could not go out to buy essentials. Thankfully our neighbours and friends helped and we got food delivered at our home. My grandmother was constantly put on ORS water..

I was looking at my family in the hospital and praying for their recovery.. There was anxiety, fear, numbing fear of losing a life. But I tried to stay calm, admiring the tireless efforts of our doctors and nurses. Their efforts were remarkable. They were wearing PPE kits in that extreme weather of mid May and taking care of all of us.

After 15 days, we all got discharged from the hospital but the weakness persisted for 1 more month. Even in our home, we lived on separate floors. Parents were separated from kids, husband from wife, all silently praying for each other’s safety..

By the grace of Almighty, we all are fine now and fully recovered..

What helped us recover

These are the things that ensured our proper recovery – Proper treatment, meditation, good and healthy food, warm water, gargles, turmeric milk, strong will power and support of family, combined with prayers and lots of prayers..

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