Thursday, October 22, 2020

Monster Hunter Drops a New Trailer

Monster Hunter Drops a New Trailer

The Bigger They Are, The Harder to Kill

We may be fresh off the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Monster Hunter movie, but we already have a trailer to confirm the thought that everyone had: it will be absolutely insane.

Of course, you don’t turn to Paul WS Anderson for subtlety. His biggest films have all been adaptations of video games, the occasional historical epic, remake, or original film along the way. He’s best known for finding ridiculous excuses to have Milla Jovovich engage in fistfights with whatever the final villain would be, and it looks like we’re getting everything we could have expected: a fun, over-the-top movie.

Monster Hunter sees Milla Jovovich’s character, the awesomely named Natalie Artemis (A name that will have anyone with a passing knowledge of Greek mythology choking from the lack of effort) and her squad of soldiers drawn into the Monster Hunter world by a mysterious storm. Immediately they go about closing the rift, fighting off monsters as they go (although we have no way of knowing how much “hunting” will be involved. Despite the name of the movie, the fact that Natalie’s last name is the goddess of the hunt, and that there’s a character only known at this point as “The Hunter”, it seems like their main focus will be on getting home, with any hunting simply being a means to an end. We certainly see Natalie getting to grips with the new world and its weaponry in all sorts of battles, so there’ll definitely be a quest of some kind culminating in her inexplicable decision to go mano-a-mano with a literal dragon.

Like I said, you don’t go to Anderson for subtlety. You go for him for fun and, in the right project, that’s just as good.

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