Saturday, October 24, 2020

Moe, Meili mix it up in leaders debate


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As he has over the course of the campaign, Meili called out Moe’s alleged cuts several times in the debate saying Moe has a hidden agenda.

He said Moe will sell off Crown corporations and cut services that families need most. Meili argues those plans will “choke our economy and hurt people.”

“This is the road Mr. Moe has told us he is going down,” said Meili. “Austerity is the word his finance minister used.”

Moe responded that he has no such plans.

“There will be no cuts, Mr. Meili,” said Moe. “We will be cutting power rates. We will be cutting taxes.”

He was even clearer in a post-debate scrum. “There will be no tax hikes,” he said. “There will be no sale of any Crown corporations.”

An early exchange over COVID-19 was less contentious. But Meili got in a few jabs over what he said was unclear guidance over masks and a failure to condemn the anti-mask movement.

“There has been a fair amount of mixed messaging,” Meili said.

Moe said he’s always been clear on mask use.

One of the more emotionally charged exchanges of the night came as the setting sun darkened the scene through the window behind the two leaders. Meili pushed Moe on why he refused to meet with Metis activist Tristen Durocher during his suicide prevention fast across from the legislature this summer.

“You sent two of your ministers across the road to basically say, ‘get off my lawn…” Meili said. “What kind of message do you think that sends?”

“That was not the message,” Moe responded.

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