Saturday, October 31, 2020

Max Ehrich’s new single ‘Afraid’ hints at broken engagement with Demi Lovato


Max Ehrich has unveiled a new single called ‘Afraid’ in which he talks about all the things he’s been afraid of. The singer appears to have left major hints towards his broken engagement with another singer Demi Lovato.

Demi and Max called off their engagement a month back. They were engaged for three months. A source close to her reportedly said that she called off the relationship stating that Max’s ignorant behaviour on social media has embarassed her.

Max and Demi began dating in March, were engaged in July and called off their relationship entirely in September. The new single ‘Afraid’ appears to be addressed yet again to Demi.

“I’m afraid to love you, love you. Afraid to give in my all. I’m afraid to love you, love you. And love you with my whole heart,” are the lyrics of the song. He also addresses to having ‘felt good’ in a long time after falling for the partner the song is addressed to.

Here it is:

Max has gone on record and shared that he recorded the song during lockdown (which is also when he was with Demi). While Max came out with ‘Afraid’, Demi had launched a single which celebrated personal strength.

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