Saturday, November 28, 2020

Massive outbreak at city-operated LTC

Massive outbreak at city-operated LTC

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In just a month, more than 100 residents of the city-operated Fudger House have tested positive for COVID-19 during the second wave of the virus, a city official says.

Nine have died, although some were already in palliative care before the virus hit the home, city spokesman Brad Ross said Tuesday.

The Sherbourne St. home — one of 10 long-term-care homes operated by the city of Toronto — houses 250 residents.

An outbreak was declared Oct. 12.

Ross said as of Tuesday morning, 74 residents have recovered with 29 cases still positive.

Another 43 staff were hit with the coronavirus, and 18 of those are still active cases.

Ross said with the infrastructure being “limited” in Fudger House, the city increased distancing between residents by moving some COVID-positive residents to a “specially equipped care unit” in the auditorium.

They also moved 17 residents (cleared of the virus) to convalescent care space in another city-operated home, Kipling Acres.

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