Saturday, November 21, 2020

Man sells meteorite that hit his home for $1 million

Man sells meteorite that hit his home for $1 million

An Indonesian man has sold a meteorite that crashed through his roof for over $1 million (£755,965). Remembering the day, Josua Hutagalung said: “When I lifted it, the stone was still warm.” He said the money will allow his family to expand and he plans to donate some of the cash towards the building of a local church.

Man paints home in 5G protective paint 

A man says 5G and an allergy to electricity has made him a hostage in his own home. Father-of-three Bruno Berrick told the Northamptonshire Telegraph that he’s painted his home in 5G protective paint as he suffers from electrosensitivity. The family keeps electricity use to a minimum by leaving lights off in the evening and not watching television. His condition has been disputed by medics.

World’s tallest teenager named in China 

Ren Keyu, of Sichuan Province, China, has celebrated his 14th birthday by being crowned as the tallest male teenager in the world, at a height of 221.03 cm (7 ft 3.02 in). He believes his height may be hereditary, as his grandmother is 175 cm tall, his mother and grandfather are over 190 cm tall and his father stands at over 180 cm. “In some people’s minds, tall stature is always associated with the simplicity of mind,” he complained.

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