Saturday, October 24, 2020

Little Hope Drops New Trailer

Little Hope Drops New Trailer

Something Wicked This Way Comes

As I’ve surely mentioned before, I’m a horror freak. Give me guts, gore, and chills and you’ll get a happy guy, and that’s why I love the Dark Pictures Anthology. True, Man of Medan didn’t reach the sheer genius of Supermassive Games’ earlier effort, Until Dawn, but I love the fact that with the resurgence of the interactive movie style of game, horror’s getting so much love, and Little Hope looks to be scarier, more gruesome, and more interesting than anything the character’s encountered in the previous game.

Little Hope follows a group of students and their professor as they’re stranded in the titular town – a town which tore itself apart due to witch hunts in the 17th century. Unlike the actual witch hunts, however, there seems to be actual supernatural events plaguing the town, as we see doppelganger’s of the main characters appear in the eighties and during the witch hunts themselves, with the characters both striving to avoid the dangers of the town and looking for what connects them to its mysterious and tragic past.

The new trailer offers a brief look into some of the ways our characters can die – and unlike in previous games where many of the deaths have been… well, samey, we’re seeing more variety, with characters being strangled by giant tongues, impaled, burned, and dragged away by chains. It also shows us some of the special features we’ll be getting, like an interview with star Will Poulter, exclusive comics, and a tantalizing feature called “Designing the Demon,” possibly giving us a hint at the source of Little Hope’s supernatural horrors.

We also see the welcome return of some of Man of Medan’s most loved features, such as its multiplayer mode and the ability to collect pictures that offer hints at future events. We also see the return of Secrets – items which reveal more information about the game’s plot, and can drastically effect the outcome if all secrets in a collection are gathered.

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