Thursday, January 28, 2021

LILLEY: Canada lags in vaccines because of Trudeau’s inaction

LILLEY: Canada lags in vaccines because of Trudeau's inaction

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The United States, which has already administered more than 10 million doses, and president-elect Joe Biden says he wants 100 million doses given out in his first 100 days in office.

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Given that the United States is already administering roughly 1 million doses a day, that would be an easy target and put the Americans at more than 35% of their population.

At our current rate, will are expected to be at a little more than 10% by the end of April. For Canada to reach a 70% vaccination rate, we would need to vaccinate 26.6 million people, a task that would require more than 53 million doses.

Don’t expect that to come until late summer at best unless something changes.

It’s not that we can’t get shots in arms, it’s that there aren’t enough shots to give because the federal government doesn’t have them.

Provinces led by premiers of all political stripes said they can administer more doses than they have received, or they will be given over the next few months.

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“We do not have enough supply,” Dr. Bonnie Henry said Monday. Henry is British Columbia’s non-partisan chief medical officer serving under an NDP government; she is hardly a partisan shill.

Ontario officials now say that they’ll soon be able to dispense 35,000 shots per day but will only have enough vaccine to administer half that many doses.

The reason is that the federal government didn’t secure doses properly.

I’ll give Prime Minister Justin Trudeau credit for securing another 20 million Pfizer doses, but they won’t be coming fast enough.

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