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Letters, Nov. 22: ‘Public employees need to play their part’

Letters, Nov. 22: 'Public employees need to play their part'

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Dear Mr. Kenney, my name is Hannah Deck. I am 15 and play on the Rocky Mountain Raiders female midget AA hockey team in Okotoks. I am emailing to inform my government on the missed information between COVID-19 and my hockey team as well as the many other indoor sporting activities. I find it very unreasonable to cancel my hockey season for two weeks when gatherings like weddings, funerals and church ceremonies may consist of 50 or more people and are still allowed and are, in fact, the main transmission spots. Sports are not one of them. I would like to suggest a reconsideration on this matter, being that we’ve been a part of a 19- player and 4-coach cohort for over two months, which COVID-wise, should not be an issue. However, one thing I can find myself agreeing with is that hockey games against teams outside of my cohort may possibly affect the spread of COVID. Although, I feel we still deserve to be able to practice with our team. Hockey is a part of who I am and having the sport taken away from me is more than saddening, unless that can be fixed with the approval of at least practices. In conclusion, I hope the government’s short sightedness of the decision that has been made does not result in an extended shutdown of kids’ activities that we dearly need for our mental health and well being. Don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
(Hang in there, Hannah. You’ll be back playing before you know it.)

Hats off to Alberta’s Justice Minister Kaycee Madu. He’s absolutely right when he says that Calgary city council is, “… playing politics with words,” when it comes to defunding the police budget. Imagine this if you will, a politician that speaks up and speaks the truth. I can’t believe, well yes I can, that a group of crying, snivelling, loudmouth activists that seem to think that if a police officer looks at one of them in a certain way that they are being harassed, hard done by, not respected, and are threatened by the police. And oh yes, the colour of their police cars are threatening to them, too. So off they go to protest! “Defund the police”, they scream! Defunding the police will lessen their effectiveness in preventing/solving crimes so that we citizens pay for and expect so that we can live with a sense security and comfort. And I can sense that the more we defund the police, the closer we will get to all-out anarchy and that’s exactly what these empty headed protesting radicals want. It seems to me that city council seems to operate under the motto, “the wants of the few outweigh the needs of the many, so screw the many”. Minister Madu, if you run out of words to describe how friggn’ stupid this police budget defunding crap is, give me a call because I have a vast vocabulary from which I can draw upon to speak to this subject.
(City council cannot be trusted on an issue of this importance. They have made that abundantly clear with their behaviour.)

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