Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Letters, Nov. 20: ‘People, turn your vehicle lights on!’

Letters, Nov. 20: 'People, turn your vehicle lights on!'

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So, the UCP wants to tip the worksite safety balance into the employer’s hands. A normal day in construction starts with a 7 a.m. safety meeting. The workers are required to sign the safety sheet before work can commence. So, now the company is protected from fault. The foreman, who gets a bonus if the job is done sooner than planned, is now walking around the site cracking the whip to get the job done. Now, the workers are going to cheat on safety to get the job done faster. Then, they get hurt, and the company says why did you perform that unsafe act? It’s all a safety illusion for profits and protection. So, the NDP protection is a joke anyway.
(Safety first.)

I cannot believe these people who wish to defund the police. However, if this happens, there is an easy way to get it restored. That is remove police services from those who vote for it. No reply to 911 calls. There would be a rash of break-ins that would get the defunders changing their minds in a hurry once the crooks found out. If this is illegal, then answering the phone as follows, “Sorry sir, but we are a little short of officers right now. We should be able to get someone out there in five or six hours or tomorrow”.
(There would be enough issues without creating payback.)

So , the same people get their letters printed every week and their opinions matter and you have the right to respond with your childish comments when you don’t agree. Well … what if a high percentage don’t agree? You don’t print their letters and you certainly don’t have the balls to print this because I disagree with you, so double dare you to print this and see the response!
(Gregg, we thought you’d never write! But seriously, we run a lot of letters from people we don’t agree with. And you should see how many letters by the frequent writers don’t get published.)

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