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Letters, Feb. 6: ‘Only the internet gets it right on Trump and attack on Capitol’

Letters, Feb. 6: 'Only the internet gets it right on Trump and attack on Capitol'

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The Calgary Arts Commons … my goodness. So I see daily advertisements for STARS Air Ambulance, Children’s Home Lotto, all worthy and much needed causes. I know for a fact the Prostate Centre gets zero government funding and holds fundraising events constantly. I also know the Calgary Flames donate tons to all these much needed causes. I also know that Mayor (Naheed) Nenshi was strongly opposed to giving any money towards a new arena for the Flames. So, is it just me, or is this backwards? Shouldn’t the government be using our tax dollars to help fund and expand hospitals, cancer clinics, and things of this nature and shouldn’t the arts community be holding the fundraiser events? I know 100% of Calgarians will need health services while a small portion of our population will take in a play or go to our new $400-million library. Oh well, maybe I’m wrong but our city council can’t even clear the roads properly after a storm yet they donate $160 million to something Mr. Nenshi feels will look good on his resume. He is such a poor leader and embarrassment to whomever voted for him. Thanks for the blue ring, too … always think of what a failure you are every time I look at it, Mr. Nenshi.
(The blue ring in not on this mayor. But yes, hard decisions will have to be made around taxpayer funding given our declining economic situation.)

“What would a world without headlines look like?” Maybe we wouldn’t have so many filthy secrets known only to a handful of elite truth-creators. Go ahead: tell us that not one journalist in L.A. or New York ever heard anything about Harvey Weinstein’s … appetites, prior to 2017. Not a single one of the many folks at the Toronto Star knew anything about Peter Nygård? Or maybe there aren’t any journalists in Winnipeg? How about Jian Ghomeshi? The revelations about Ghomeshi came as a total surprise to everyone at the CBC, I’m sure. “But, but, we hold the powerful to account, especially politicians,” y’all might argue. Do you? The you-scratch-mine-I’ll-scratch-yours relationship between Zoe Barnes (Kate Mara) and Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) in House of Cards is fictional. Can you say the same of Rudy Giuliani who, in a recent expose by Baron Sacha Cohen, appeared more than willing to hook up with a 15-year-old female journalist? In real life, rising superstar journalist Olivia Nuzzi gave a wink to her “relationship” with Guiliani in a recent Elle article about being a female journalist in the Trump era; in that same Elle article, one has to ask why the super-green Nuzzi was ever in such *intimate* contact with powerhouses like Donald Trump and Rudy Guliani in the first place … Watergate was a long time ago. What role does the news media serve today? How many dirty little secrets do *you,* personally, keep for the rich and powerful?
(The media is not responsible for the bad behaviour of others.)

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