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Letters, Feb. 26: ‘No thought of appointments for elderly couples?’

Letters, Feb. 26: 'No thought of appointments for elderly couples?'

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What an inadequate system. First it took forever to get through on the internet registration (forget about trying the 811 phone number), and then you have to go through all the steps for yourself and if you have a wife, then you have to try to get in again. As a result, myself, 82, and my 80-year-old wife have different days for both shots. She doesn’t drive, so we have to make two trips. You would think they would design a system to enable couples to register together, but I guess we should give them a break as they have only had three months to develop the system. A six-year-old could have done a better job. And forget about the 21-day Pfizer or 28-day Moderna second shot. The website says you have a one-week window between 34 and 42 days for the second shot. As it is, the best I could do was 40 days.
(Couples appointments for seniors would seem like a no-brainer. How in the world could they not accommodate that option for elderly couples? Weak.)

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It is no real surprise that AHS couldn’t handle the requests for vaccination appointments. If any level of government is put in charge of anything, two things are bound to happen — it will take longer, and it will cost more.
(It was time to shine, not fail miserably and further stress our seniors.)

So Wednesday is seniors vaccine sign-up day. Gee, that went well. Four and a half hours later, I still can’t get past the first few questions. That after assurances by AHS and the province that their site had passed all their stress tests, right. Maybe AHS could hire some seniors who actually know how to stress-test websites. Oh, I see they have removed the statement to call Health Link if you are having issues, no doubt cause it crashed as well. Nine months into this and this is the best they could do. Epic fail, as the kiddies say.
(AHS does not get a free pass on messing this up.)

Mr. Kenney, you’re not the leader I had hoped for. I regret my vote. No progress energy wise. No progress pandemic wise. No progress vaccine wise. No progress health-care wise. Really, what have you done but collect a cheque? Even your lease help for businesses has skipped a month or two as if things have improved. You’re turning into just another joke politician my friend and it’s unacceptable to the people waiting for surgery, the businesses waiting for help, and the people on death’s door waiting for a simple immunization. Shame on you. Do your job. The voters trusted you to do and stop being a politician with eastern traits.
(The only guy responsible for the vaccine delay is Justin Trudeau.)

With the downturn in the oil industry, we keep hearing about Alberta converting to the IT industry (another Silicon Valley). If the contact-tracing app and the COVID vaccination registration is any indication, maybe we should stick to the oil industry, even at a few barrels per day. Obviously they thought seniors 75 and older didn’t have computers because they have gas-consuming cars!
(It was poorly done.)

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