Saturday, August 8, 2020

Leaked Photos Suggest PS5 Shell Plates Are Swappable

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Not everyone loved the look of the PS5. While there’s not all that much players can do about Sony’s design decisions, there might be a bit of hope on the horizon. A set of leaked photos show the PS5 with its standard white shell plates removed. Fans are speculating that this indicates swappable plates are in the console’s future.

Even with the photographic evidence, this isn’t exactly a sure thing. We might merely be looking at a mostly assembled PS5, after all. But even if the plates aren’t officially swappable, industrious consumers will certainly find a way to facilitate the switch on their own. On top of that, interchangeable plates were also a feature of the PS4. So there is a precedent here.

The only hitch in this giddy-up could be the disc drive version of the console. Could the drive’s position make swapping plates an impossible task? Unless both halves of the PS5’s king sized collar can come right off. In which case, bring on the baseless speculation about possible plate designs! My vote is either for retro wood grain, Rocketeer silver, or a casing that is also a spider mech. The director of Wild Wild West might have been on to something.


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