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Last Cloudia Farming Spots Guide: Best Places To Farm Crystals


Green Crystals

Gragia Mountains – Seaside Rain Clouds

Green crystals are relatively easy to farm because Gragia Mountains doesn’t really have a high level of difficulty. There are varying weaknesses for enemies here, so having one specific elemental magic trick up your sleeve likely won’t work in your favour. You can bring different skills to battle, like the spells you can learn from the common Granada Wharf Ark.

Personally, I think opting for an AOE skill rather than an elemental approach is more effective, as this will help you clear the area much, much quicker. Remember: faster clear times equals more runs and more materials dropped, regardless of the different Last Cloudia farming spots.


Blue Crystals

Lanzelia Snow Plains – The Envy of Others

Monsters here are weak to lightning, so you can easily farm away with some lightning-based area attacks. If you did due diligence during your initial reroll, you might have Thunderbolt Sevia or Lukiel in your party – or even Divine Beast Rei if you participated in the Descent of Heroes banner and lucked out. These three will have lots of lightning-based firepower for you and can bring the pain in devastating ways.
last cloudia farming spots - thunderbolt sevia skills


Last Cloudia Farming Spots: Purple Crystals

Blaze Garden – Blaze Garden

Like the enemies in Gragia Mountains, monsters in Blaze Garden aren’t particularly vulnerable to one single element. There is a whopping nine waves per run, with a recommended level of Lv. 37 for your party. If you play diligently through the Story Mode, it’s not going to be a problem for you – but when in doubt, always bring a level 100 support character if you can find one in your list, just in case you’re having a hard time.

Blaze Garden may take longer to clear compared to the other Last Cloudia farming spots, but the effort is well worth it – you can not only score purple crystals, but you can also farm useful Enhancement materials for mages in your party.
blaze garden
Keep in mind that all Last Cloudia farming spots will likely give you crystallite fragments that you also need to unlock abilities. With all the different crystals you need to farm, it’s easy to get preoccupied and forget all about the regular crystallite fragments, but let me tell you – I’ve gotten stuck a few times on certain ability nodes just because I didn’t have enough crystallite fragments with me. It’s pretty frustrating, so if you really need to farm them in a jiffy, you can head on over to Aldana Catacombs – Back into the Light for about a 94% chance for these things to drop.

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