Monday, October 26, 2020

Land Of Billion Entrypreneurs | Outlook India Magazine

Land Of Billion Entrypreneurs | Outlook India Magazine

The eureka moment of entrepreneurship: you think, therefore you become. Someone misses gym, frets about it—and voila! Another turns from making car tools to face masks….

Photograph by Suresh K. Pandey

Land Of Billion Entrypreneurs


Pop! The ideas bottle opens, and the frothy, ­bubbly, tasty thoughts flow out. A new venture may take shape in the mind of an individual. It may later transform into a start-up or business expansion, or disappear like smoke. However, if it does materialise, entrepreneurship flourishes, jobs are created, and the “Make in India” vision takes a concrete form. A crucial aspect of Aatma Nirbhar Bharat is to fan the business of ideas so that more goods are manufactured in India for the Indian consumers and rest of the world.

The idea can emerge out of nowhere. Call it the entrepreneur’s “eureka” moment.  Each year, for years, two friends, Shivjeet Ghatge and Misaal Turakhia, made New Year’s resolutions to get serious about fitness, and regularly go to the gym. Like is the case with most of us, they forgot about them within a few days or weeks. The resolutions vanished as if they were never taken. In 2018, Misaal frustratingly remarked that this wouldn’t happen if only he was paid to go to the gym. That fired a few neurons in…



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