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Lakeith Stanfield explains troubling Instagram posts – Film News |

Lakeith Stanfield explains troubling Instagram posts - Film News |
Lakeith Stanfield “wasn’t very happy” when he shared troubling posts on Instagram in August.

The Get Out actor frightened followers, including comedian Patton Oswalt, in August by sharing a video that appeared to show him pouring a clear liquid into a yellow tub of Carvedilol pills, which are used to treat heart failure and hypertension.

He captioned one, “I like to be by myself because I can hurt myself and no one can tell me to stop or fake like they care,” which sent social media into meltdown and prompted Oswalt to tweet, “Can someone on here who knows him PLEASE reach out to him?”

The 29-year-old reassured fans he was OK the following day and wrote that he wasn’t “harming myself”, but has now revealed he was trying to channel negative feelings.

“That was just a way to show what I was feeling in visual form,” he explained to The Hollywood Reporter. “But the truth is, I wasn’t very happy. I was keeping sad-boy hours. I was going through things. I’m learning maybe Instagram’s not the best way to channel some of that stuff.”

According to the publication, the Selma star recently lost someone close to him and has been seeing therapists, doing yoga, and working on music to improve his moods.

“I think that everyone has things about them that we may not always agree with or understand, but we have to try and figure out,” Lakeith added. “If I’m walking around with an attitude all day because I heard a word I didn’t like, then I’m putting myself in a position to not be able to navigate effectively. At some point, I have to make the decision to reprogramme the programme.”

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