Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Lady Gaga Fans Share ‘The Fame Monster’ Throwbacks On Its Anniversary

Lady Gaga Fans Share 'The Fame Monster' Throwbacks On Its Anniversary

What’s that photo up there? Why, it’s a pic of Lady Gaga accepting a Grammy back in 2010, the Best Pop Vocal Album award for The Fame Monster, one of three she picked up that night out of six nominations. Yes, long before the alien landscape of Chromatica stretched out to welcome Little Monsters confused and worried about an uncertain pandemic, and well before Ariana Grande and our Mother Monster begged the rain to come down upon them, a different monster existed.

This was, none other than The Fame Monster, released on November 18, 2009, technically a reissue of Gaga’s 2008 debut, The Fame, yes, but also so much more. This was the record that introduced us to the “Bad Romance” that Gaga would lead us all into, and so much more, including “Telephone” which eventually spawned one of the greatest collaborations of all time when Beyonce hopped on board a remix.

All this to say, it’s no surprise that longtime Gaga fans, reinvigorated by her return to form this year with the sticky dance-pop of Chromatica, are more than eager to celebrate the album’s birthday. I mean, it seems like everything is happening at the speed of light right now, and more than half of what every single person on the internet says right now is about politics, why not take a moment to remember a simpler time?

Consider, first of all, just how impactful this record was for Gaga’ career:

Others remember how unknown she was at the time:

Some just want to be nostalgic:

Or glory in how damn good the songs were:

Finally, here’s that Grammy moment from 11 years ago:

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