Wednesday, December 2, 2020

LACKIE: We’re all in this together … again

LACKIE: We're all in this together ... again

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Some among us went to bed Friday night wondering how to explain to the kids that hockey is cancelled, while others legitimately wondered how they will keep food on the table, let alone gifts under the tree.

That being said, we’re not completely powerless here. How and where we choose to spend our money in the coming days and weeks will make all the difference for our communities.

Shop small. We hear it all the time.

Amazon, Loblaws, and Walmart have seen record-breaking profits since the pandemic first hit — the little guys not so much. There are retailers in our communities that would be able to keep the lights on if just a fraction of our business was sent their way.

While it seems only logical to shop online during lockdown, it’s important to note most of the retailers with robust, easily shopable platforms are already doing big business. It might take a little more effort, but every sale counts to the small shops that will go out of their way to accommodate your business. Even if they don’t have an e-commerce website, it’s worth a quick phone call to see what can be arranged for curbside pickup.

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Support local restaurants. These same establishments that have jumped through endless hoops to meet the ever-changing guidelines for safe operation now find themselves shut down again. Supporting your favourite spots through takeout and delivery is an easy one. Some restaurants have pivoted to also offer a selection of wine, beer and groceries for sale.

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