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Is Bachelor in Paradise Coming Back in 2021?

Is Bachelor in Paradise Coming Back in 2021?

Network Ten revealed their full lineup of TV shows for 2021 today, but one fan favourite was missing, Bachelor in Paradise.

While The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are slated to return, set in a brand new mansion and apparently boasting “the most eligible Bachelor we have ever seen”, the island spinoff where both sexes hand out roses has not been announced.

The news that there would be no Bachelor in Paradise next year is not surprising considering not only the limitations of the COVID-19 pandemic on international travel but the contestants on this year’s season. The series, as Bachelorette Angie Kent herself pointed out, largely featured people from 2019 Bachie seasons. It even featured people who hadn’t been involved in the franchise at all, the “cleanskins”.

The So Dramatic! podcast unearthed that Bachelor in Paradise was canned for 2021 at the end of last week. In her most recent podcast, host Megan Pustetto said, “I have been told by two Warner Bros production insiders that the show has not been commissioned and they are resting it for a year.”

One production source apparently told Megan that they “wanted to have a bigger pool of contestants to cast from and to stop reusing the old ones because people are bored of them”.

The other source lay the blame on COVID-19, adding, “They had a contract with the Fijian Government and resort for Paradise but that physically can’t happen anymore. Contractually, they aren’t able to film at another resort, and even if they could, it is too expensive to film in Australia anyway.”

But a contestant on this year’s seasons stressed that there would be a season of Bachelor in Paradise in 2021, but that it would be filmed next year (the series is usually filmed in October/November the year before) and would run later in the schedule.

“If it does go ahead, I’ve heard that the girls from this season are all requesting Alex McKay and Jackson Garlick.” Megan added. “Juliette will not be doing Paradise if Roxi is on it, and vice versa.”

The news of Bachelor in Paradise being dropped contradicts previous reports that a number of past contestants had already been cast for the next season, including Chelsie McLeod and Carlin Sterritt.

While a Facebook post from Chelsie about subletting her home in Melbourne over the period Paradise would usually be filmed seemed to indicate she had signed on, it was later revealed on So Dramatic! by her friend Rachael Arahill she just planned to take a holiday to the Gold Coast.

The Wash reported in September that Noosa was being considered as a possible alternative location. An insider told the gossip site: “Nobody quite knows when or if it’ll go ahead, but producers are hopeful they’ll make it happen one way or another.

“Key alumni (aka the bigger names) from previous seasons have been approached and told if it goes ahead, they’re on it.”

Hopefully, we’ll see more island love stories like Mary and Conor and Alisha and Glenn in 2022!

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