Monday, October 26, 2020

How to speed up software development (without killing morale)

How to speed up software development (without killing morale)

As a startup serving the highly competitive gaming industry with its 3D interactive streaming platform, Polystream needs to deliver new capabilities quickly.

Cheryl Razzell, the company’s vice president of engineering, and Simon Sparks, head of talent, call speed a competitive advantage.

“We have to use everything, including speed, to our advantage,” Sparks says.

They acknowledge that speed takes work. Otherwise, developers can get bogged down in bureaucracy or sidetracked by ideas and endless requests, both of which add precious time to coding work and delay releases and new products.

CIOs today, however, don’t have any time to spare. They’re under increasing pressure to move ever faster to meet user demands in rapid-fire fashion.

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