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How to bring your period on faster with natural foods & home remedies

How to bring your period on faster with natural foods & home remedies

For most women, periods mostly work like clockwork.

However, there can be times your period cycle may be later than usual. High stress levels, unorderly eating habits, sedentary lifestyle and hormonal changes can be blamed. Or, there could be times a woman wants to get her periods earlier than usual.

While fertility treatments, medicines can sometimes help regulate a cycle, they may not always be the preferred choice. In lack of it, altering your diet is one of the safest way to naturally regulate your cyle. There are also some foods which promise benefits of inducing menstruation, naturally.

Women suffering from PCOD and PCOS are often also asked to include some natural fertility boosters and period inducing foods to correct their hormonal trouble.

So the next time you are in the search for a solution to solve your period woes, be sure to rely on these food options.

P.S.- Do remember to consult your doctor before trying any of these foods out!

1. Papaya

Papaya is considered to be nature’s remedy to treat period irregularities. Papaya contains a rich source of carotene, which helps speed up the production of oestrogene in the body, which in turn, can induce periods. Further, papaya is known to cause contractions in the uterus and helps shed the uterine lining, which can bring periods earlier as well. Its powerful ability to regulate menstruation is a reason why pregnant women are asked to abstain from eating the fruit, especially in the early months.

If you want to regulate your periods, consider having a serving regularly. Papaya juice or extract may also be utilized.

2. Dates

Dates are a winter superfood. Another benefit of date palm is the ability to generate heat in the body. Studies suggest that women who consume dates (soaked in milk or had otherwise) regularly can feel an effect on their menstrual cycles and in cases, prepone it.

Since dates are also a rich and potent source of iron, vitamin c, folate and many other vital minerals and nutrients, it helps relieve problems which can hinder menstruation as well, therefore regulating the flow.

3. Jaggery

Jaggery is an ancient trusted remedy to induce or regulate period cycles naturally. It’s also something one can easily find in Indian kitchens and is full of benefits!

While jaggery is usually suggested for women getting a few periods, regular consumption can relieve menstrual problems, increase haemoglobin and iron production in the body and induce menstruation as well. If you are suffering from PCOS, remember to have jaggery regularly.

One combination to try and have is roasted horse gram and jaggery (gur-chana, as it is popularly known in India).

A special jaggery and fenugreek seeds tea (boiled in water) can also be had in the week prior to your cycle to prepone it.

4. Vitamin-C rich foods

Every person is suggested to include plenty of vitamin-c rich foods in his or her diet. It’s not just something which benefits your immunity, wards off sickness but also may help get periods on time. Yes! You read that right.

Some experts believe that Vitamin-C rich fruits and vegetables have properties which increase oestrogen production in the body, reduce progesterone count and smoothen out shedding of the uterine lining. Some fruits can also work generate heat in the body, which is good for your fertility.

5. Parsley

Parsley is a super effective food option to try if you want to regulate your menstrual cycle. Apart from loads of vitamin C, parsley contains properties which stimulate uterine contractions, bring about menstruation and hence, something considered toxic for expecting women.

If period woes are stressing you out, try and include more of parsley in your diet, or just prepare a parsley tea (by steeping some fresh parsley in boiling water for 5 minutes time). Have this concoction once or twice a day for relief.

People who suffer from kidney problems should also be careful about having too much parsley.

6. Ginger

Like other kitchen ingredients, ginger works as an ’emmenagogue’, which helps induce and regulate menstrual flow in the body. Some also believe that ginger can promote uterine contractions in the body.

One of the best benefits of having ginger to regulate menstrual problems is that it can be had in a variety of forms- included in chai, curries or consumed as a hot tea.

If you must try, consider making a ginger brew tea with honey added on top of it, which is another anti-inflammatory and beneficial agent.

7. Turmeric

To not include the humble superfood, turmeric in the list would be a crime! Essential to Indian cooking, turmeric, much like ginger works as an emmenagogue, helping relieve menstrual problems, increasing production of oestrogen and reducing progesterone levels, which help promote easier and regular menstruation.

Turmeric is also considered to have antispasmodic effects, which again benefits menstrual and reproductive health.

To increase your consumption of turmeric, make sure you have 1-2 tablespoons of it in a day. It can be incorporated into subzis, curries, had as teas and concoctions, or the traditional and super powerful haldi-vala-doodh!

8. Nuts and seeds

Having a handful of select nuts and seeds regularly is good for your fertility and reproductive health. Some nuts can also work to correct menstrual imbalances. Options like almonds and walnuts are rich in fibre, protein, Omega-3, which induce heat and work to bring on periods, naturally.

Seed cycling is one approach which a lot of women try to regulate their cycles.

Bottom line

While all of the above-listed foods are considered super healthy for menstrual and reproductive health, do remember that they may not work for everyone. There is not scientific evidence to support the same, but nonetheless, these foods can help relieve some of your problems.

To correct and regulate the menstrual cycle in the long run, one needs to work on resolving underlying issues. Including enough physical activity in your day (30-45 minutes of brisk exercise), having a good diet (less of processed, fried food), alleviating stress levels, getting enough sleep will help you have happy periods!

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