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How the Ending Sets Up Season 2

How the Ending Sets Up Season 2

Blood of Zeus may have only just been released onto Netflix, but many anime fans have already made it to the end of the series and seen how it sets up an even more dramatic Season 2, in which the Giants may have been dealt with but Ancient Greece is far from safe.

How the ending of Blood of Zeus sets up Season 2

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Blood of Zeus on Netflix.

The ending of Blood of Zeus revolved around three major sort-of-deaths that should have a huge impact if there is a Season 2 of the Netflix anime: Seraphim (voiced by Elias Toufexis), Hera (Claudia Christian) and Zeus (Jason O’Mara).

In the series, Heron (Derek Phillips) is tasked by his father Zeus to obtain a cauldron that can take the Giant’s energy, allowing its user to control them and thus end the long-running battles between the Gods and Giants.

Heron succeeds in this task despite Hera trying to get the cauldron for herself. However, in doing this, he is forced to kill Seraphim after he tries to get Heron to rule alongside him using the power of the cauldron.

This does not mean, however, that Seraphim will not return for Season 2. In fact, he may be being set up as the show’s next big bad, after the ending of Blood of Zeus sees him in the underworld making an arrangement with Hades (Fred Tatasciore) which is likely to allow Seraphim to return to Earth with some new powers—like most deals with Hades in Greek mythology, these are likely to come with some major catches, as seen already with his blood-curdling scream at the end of the finale.

‘Blood of Zeus’ Season 2 could see Heron take Zeus’ place on Mount Olympus.

Hera and Zeus, meanwhile, face a pair of linked deaths. As Hera does not have control of the cauldron, the Giants start to attack her, which leads her husband Zeus to sacrifice himself to give her time to get away. Hera too is presumed to be dead from the attack, though as we do not see her body it is conceivable that she is still alive and biding her time before she can make her next move.

Of course, both Zeus and Hera and Gods, so just because they seem to be dead does not mean they cannot return in Blood of Zeus Season 2. However, until they do, a power vacuum has opened up on Mount Olympus. One way that this could be filled is by Heron, who we learn in the finale has inherited some of his father’s powers.

This could be an interesting direction for Season 2, which would see Heron try and control the Olympian Gods and, possibly be part of a struggle against his father and stepmother-of-sorts if and when they return looking to regain power.

All of this, of course, depends on whether Blood of Zeus is renewed for Season 2.

Currently, the show has not been renewed by Netflix, and we are unlikely to know if the series will return for a few months. However, other Netflix animes like Castlevania have gone for multiple seasons, which might bode well for this new show if it can get enough viewers—though as it is currently sitting at number three on the Netflix TV charts in the U.S., so this could be a good sign that the show will be back for Season 2.

Blood of Zeus is streaming now on Netflix.

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