Saturday, February 27, 2021

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Hourly is a combination of payroll and time management software teamed with a workers’ comp insurance package. It’s been designed to let business users save time and potentially save money by offering a more efficient way of working. The Palo Alto-based fintech outfit has been expanding its appeal rapidly and offers two packages; Payroll and Time Tracking, or a combination of the two. With many businesses and workers requiring the services of software just like Hourly its added appeal lies in the way it can be controlled through your mobile phone. 

Hourly software was initially developed by a group of business owners who couldn’t find a solution for their needs. So, since launching back in 2018 the Hourly brand has grown to help business owners and contractors who need to tackle payroll and benefits admin, without too much in the way of effort. It’s working hard to match rival products such as Gusto and OnPay.


Hourly has two core packages plus a combination option too (Image credit: Hourly)


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