Thursday, October 22, 2020

Have you been blocked on WhatsApp? Know here


WhatsApp is the easiest, cheapest and most popular means of online communication these days. However, many times, we block or people block us, but don’t receive a notification of being blocked by someone. So, how would we know if we have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp?

Let us know the tools that can help us know if we have been blocked by someone on WhatsApp:

Profile picture not visible

The first information about whether someone has blocked you on WhatsApp can be revealed from the profile picture. The profile picture of someone appears as soon as you open the box for chatting with someone. If you don’t see these photos or a very old photo, understand that you’re blocked.

Online status won’t appear

Your contact list typically shows all people’s online status. If you suspect someone has blocked you, you can pay attention to his/her status for a few days. If you’re blocked, you won’t see the online status of the person concerned.

Won’t be able to make WhatsApp calls

If you repeatedly call someone on WhatsApp and can’t get an answer, you’re most likely blocked. However, you will definitely hear the ringing tone during calling. But the call won’t be answered on the other end.

Won’t see a double tick or blue tick

Usually if you send a WhatsApp message to someone, there is a double tick or a blue tick. But if you’re blocked, you’ll always see a single mark when you send a message.

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