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HANSON: Irony abounds as the left politicizes the coronavirus

HANSON: Irony abounds as the left politicizes the coronavirus

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Still odder than the recalibrated timing was what the company did next.

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First, a Pfizer official claimed the company had never been part of Operation Warp Speed. In an earlier press release, Pfizer had bragged about being an integral player in the multi-billion-dollar federal effort to rush the vaccine into use. The day after the denial about being part of the program, a company spokesman conceded that the company is, in fact, part of Operation Warp Speed.

Second, Pfizer gave notice of its purported breakthrough not in a press conference or a communique to the sitting president. Instead, according to Joe Biden, the company contacted his campaign’s “public health advisers.”

Apparently, Pfizer had, in fact, been guided by the “artificial milestone” of the election, even if inadvertently.

Or was Pfizer trying to gain political support for its vaccine rollout from Biden, who was an overwhelming favorite in almost all the pre-election polls? Members of Biden’s campaign team told Bloomberg News that Biden advisers had met with officials at companies working on vaccines before the election.

Why would Pfizer act in such a way?

Perhaps because skeptics Biden and running mate Kamala Harris had downplayed the notion of a Trump push to get millions of Americans vaccinated.

Irony abounds. Those who accused Trump of playing politics with the virus made him look like a relative amateur through their own machinations. Those who claimed they were guided by science proved unscientific in their partisanship.

No wonder Americans remain so skeptical of the experts in general and the Washington administrative state in particular.

Victor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University

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