Friday, October 23, 2020

Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake in Australian Tourism Ads

Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake in Australian Tourism Ads

Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake are the new faces of Tourism Australia’s Holiday Here This Year campaign, encouraging Australians to explore our own country this summer.

Over a Zoom call, seemingly between two separate rooms in their own house, the couple mull over where they’ll go for their next holiday, suggesting options like the outback or a surf holiday (cue: wave Zoom background). By the end they haven’t settled on a location — but they have settled on what they need to pack.

In their first teaser, narrated by Hamish, he gushed about our unique animal life, natural wonders, cities and the regional shops boasting about selling the “World’s Best Pie”, over the top of luxurious footage of places like the Gold Coast and the Northern Territory. “There’s a lot of nothing, which is actually really something,” he described the wide open spaces of the Top End.

“A holiday here this year is exactly what this place and all of us needs,” he concluded. “So get out there — for Australia!”

We’re pretty convinced — surely Hamish would know something about travelling from his Gap Year series with Andy Lee.

On Instagram overnight, Hamish wrote about the campaign that will be rolling out over the next year.

“As the country takes the first tentative steps to opening up and allowing travel, this is all about helping Aussies think about new places to go and experiences they might not have thought of, or maybe have been putting off. Make this coming year The Year!,” he said.

“As well as a chance to create Gold Level family mems, your trip will help everyone across the tourism industry recover from a devastating double hit from bushfires and COVID. It’s a classic Win-Win.”

He also tried to offer some solace to his fellow Melburnians, noting that a loosely planed holiday was definitely something to look forward to in lockdown. “[W]hen it’s safe and the time is right, we are gonna SPRINT into that holiday and I can tell you, with official ambassadorial authority now, the people who run the caravan parks, tours, lodges, hotels, hikes, weird-water-powered-hover-board things, shops, bakeries etc cannot WAIT to host you.”

Hamish and Zoë also reflected on their involvement in the campaign in a joint statement. “It does feel special to be able to help promote our country because we love travelling, we love adventure, and we love Australia. So we can’t really think of anything that’s a better fit.

“We know everybody feels like a holiday right now so it’s not exactly a tough sell, but hopefully we can help to convince those people who were putting one off or had planned something overseas, to book a holiday here. Not only will they create incredible memories, they’ll be helping the tourism sector right across the country to bounce back.”

Hopefully this campaign means we see photos of Sonny and Rudy travelling with their parents across Australia, say visiting Australian icons like the Big Banana, after Melbourne’s lockdown is over . . . How precious would that be!

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