Saturday, February 27, 2021

Griff Talks “Inspirational” Taylor Swift, Lorde & More

Griff Talks “Inspirational” Taylor Swift, Lorde & More

“Being picked for the MTV PUSH 2021 shortlist is pretty crazy,” Griff has revealed in the last of our exclusive nominee spotlights we’re rolling out this month. 

“I’ve only been releasing music for about a year now but I’ve been writing songs for years, probably since I was like 10 so it feels so rewarding and reassuring that, like, I’ve been doing something right up until this point.”

Watch our exclusive MTV PUSH UK & IRE 2021 spotlight interview with Griff here:

Telling us she brands her type of music as “uplifting, emotional, honest pop,” Griff listed her major inspirations: “I always say that I love like, Lorde. I think when I was just getting into production and songwriting, Banks and HAIM and Taylor Swift – those are my line up of inspirational females.”

Not only is she a songwriter, Griff is also a self-taught producer: “My dad actually bought my brother Logic and some speakers when I was about 12 or something,” she revealed, “and I realised that I could jump on there and record my own songs really when I wanted to so I just started doing that and I ended up just teaching myself how to produce when I wasn’t in school.”

On her plans for 2021 she told us: “I’ve written so much music over lockdown, so hopefully that will all be coming out.

“Hopefully live shows are back and hopefully I can do that, but honestly I’m making it up as I go along.”

Keep doing what you’re doing Griff, we love it!

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