Friday, October 23, 2020

Georgia and Carter Win Immunity on Junior MasterChef

Georgia and Carter Win Immunity on Junior MasterChef

Georgia and Carter won the very first Mystery Box challenge — and immunity from Tuesday night’s Elimination — on tonight’s episode of Junior MasterChef.

The 14 tiny chefs found beekeeping outfits under their Mystery Boxes and were able to go collect the cook’s hero ingredient, honey, themselves, providing a little bit of a thrill for both the kids and judge Andy Allen. They then had 75 minutes to make a sweet or savoury dish featuring honey as a major flavour.

Georgia declared herself not a honey fan throughout the episode, and admitted she had never tried to make her Honey Trifle before. “I don’t like honey and I don’t like cooking with it,” she said at the start of the episode. “Welcome to MasterChef,” Andy replied, deadpan.

She panicked at the end of her cook because she’d forgotten to roast her pistachios, “an essential ingredient to bring this dish together”. But she was saved by her benchmate Ruby offering her not just a pan to cook with, but to actually roast them in her spare pan herself! It was another of those heart-warming moments of camaraderie we’ve come to expect from MasterChef, big and small.

“Even though this is a competition, Ruby’s been so nice to me!” Georgia said. “I hope that she does well as well.” Angels! Every one!

During tasting, Georgia told the judges she felt it might have been a little “rushed”, but Jock Zonfrillo’s response to the dish made it clear it was anything but. “Georgia, I loved it! I thought it was absolutely delicious!,” he said before commending the many components of the dish.

“That trifle was light and it was bright, but more than that, it was a riot of colour and a celebration of honey,” Melissa Leong praised Georgia’s dish when she announced her as one of the immunity winners.

Carter was also onto a winner with his Honey Carrot Cake, which saw Melissa give Andy a gentle roasting during tasting for being adamant that he doesn’t like cake — even though he seems to like every cake he sees.

During the cook Carter was calm and collected, saying that while he’s confident in his dish, he was surrounded by other great cooks with yummy dishes of their own, and winning could come down to the smallest of details.

“Why can’t I make a carrot cake that good?” Ben said. These kids and their fast friendships are splitting my ovaries in half!

“Carter, I’m really struggling to find anything I don’t like about this cake,” Melissa told him at tasting, talking about how the cake elicits cosy, wintry memories. While Jock said he would like a copy of the recipe, Andy beckoned Carter over to the judges to whisper to him that he’d made a “really, really, really delicious cake”. “I loved the cake!”

“Jock said that was one of the best carrot cakes he has ever eaten — and he’s eaten a lot of them,” Melissa said when she awarded Carter immunity. “And I thought it was light and moist, and the honey carrots and the jammy apricots were the perfect accompaniment.”

Georgia and Carter will be safe in the gantry for tomorrow’s Elimination, while Laura and Dev have exclusive access to the Immunity Gong if they find themselves in trouble.

Congratulations Georgia and Carter!

Junior MasterChef airs on Network Ten, Sunday to Tuesday. Join us at our Facebook group Pass the Popcorn to gab about all things reality TV.

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