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Flames cautious, cognizant as they return to action during COVID-19

Flames cautious, cognizant as they return to action during COVID-19

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“When we travel, you’re on a sanitized bus, a private bus, a private charter … There will be little to no contact outside of the hotel, other than going to the rink and back,” said Flames general manager Brad Treliving. “As much as you can be bubbled while you travel, we will.

“It’s going to be a challenge, but it’s all of our responsibility to make sure we are doing the right thing so we can have success and get through this.”

Certainly, inside the locker-room, that point will be hammered home.

That we’re-all-in-this-together mentality rings especially true for 23 guys — and six more on the taxi squad — who will be sweating together every day.

The league stated in Friday’s release that “the Stars organization has, and will continue to follow, all recommended guidelines aimed at protecting the health and safety of its players, staff and community at large as set by the NHL, local, state and national agencies.”

It’s crucial that all 31 clubs — that’s nearly 900 players, including taxi-squaders, and then a long list of coaches and support-staffers — must do the same.

“First off, you have to be smart and safe,” stressed Flames captain Mark Giordano at the start of training camp. “You’re looking out for obviously yourself and your family, but also your other teammates and essentially other teams in the league, as well. You don’t want to be a guy who goes out or goes to a get-together, and unfortunately, we’ve seen it happen in other sports, where guys get infected and then a bunch of guys on one team have to be quarantined.

“You have to be really aware, really smart about that. I think the rules that the league has put in place, what our trainers have put in place as far as masks and sanitation and where we can and can’t go, that’s really important and really important to follow.

“We’ll follow all the protocols and be as safe as we can. That’s a big threat and a big scare for teams is the virus getting into your locker-room and shutting you down.”



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