Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Fast forward: What’s coming in future versions of Chrome?

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Chrome is the tops.

With 70% of the world’s browser user share — a measure of browser activity calculated by analytics company Net Applications — Google’s Chrome has led the rankings for over four years. Rivals, from Microsoft’s Edge to Mozilla’s Firefox, survive on single-digit shares that pose no threat to Chrome’s dominance.

So, it’s no surprise that Chrome’s changes have an outsized impact. With each upgrade — which Computerworld tracks in the What’s in the latest Chrome update? series — and at whenever Google talks of future plans, everyone pays attention, from the browser’s users and IT administrators to competitors.

Every Chrome upgrade is accompanied by enterprise-centric release notes that highlight some of the additions, deletions, enhancements and modifications slated for the future. We’ve collected the most important for this refresh of Computerworld‘s latest what’s-coming round-up.

But nothing is guaranteed, least of all prospective features. As Google says: “They might be changed, delayed, or canceled before launching to the Stable channel.”

Chrome 87: Tab throttling

Chrome 87 will curtail the amount of power that background tabs consume by throttling them to a maximum of 1% of CPU time. Background tabs will be allowed to “wake up” — to repaint the page, for instance — only once each minute.

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