Saturday, April 17, 2021

Elon Musk shares adorable photo with son X Æ A-XII and netizens can’t keep calm, check pic here

elon Musk with baby

Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s baby boy  X Æ A-XII is quite a favourite among netizens ever since his birth last year. And now, people once again can’t keep calm after Musk shared an adorable picture with his son on Twitter, which he captioned, “The Second Last Kingdom (sic).”

In the photo, baby Musk can be seen pulling his father’s T-shirt with an adorable expression on his face, while Musk seems to be talking on the phone while holding X Æ A-XII on his lap.

Since being shared on February 6 (Saturday), Elon Musk’s tweet has garnered over 486.3k likes and more than 18.2k retweets. Twitter was also flooded with cute messages. Here’s a look at some of the messages that netizens posted

“OMG just the best . I hope it’s a business call.  Exactly what the world needs more of a hands on Dad!” posted another.

One user wrote, “X is cute and adorable! (sic).” Another commented, “That is one beautiful little boy (sic).”

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