Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Dominion CEO: Lawsuits Like One Against MyPillow Guy Is ‘Definitely Not The Last’

Dominion CEO: Lawsuits Like One Against MyPillow Guy Is ‘Definitely Not The Last’

Dominion CEO John Poulos on Tuesday slammed MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell for being “reckless” in peddling disinformation and signaled that the defamation lawsuit like the one the company is waging against Lindell won’t be the last of its kind.

During an interview on CNBC on Tuesday, Poulos took aim at the “reputational damage” that Dominion has experienced as a result of Trump loyalists, such as Lindell, pushing the former president’s false claims of widespread election fraud, which include unfounded allegations of Dominion contributing to a “stolen” election.

Poulos insisted that the $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against Lindell is about getting the facts out.

“The reputational damage alone has been devastating to us,” Poulos said. “We are seeing untold damage unfolding every day with our customers and the effects that they are having with a lot of constituents who unfortunately watch these videos, and watch the repeated attacks and disinformation.”

Asked whether he intends to put MyPillow out of business, Poulos denied that’s the case and said that Dominion “strongly believes in” free speech.

After taking aim at Lindell for being “reckless” in his “peddling of disinformation and the falsities,” Poulos signaled that Dominion’s lawsuit against Lindell is “definitely not the last” against figures who peddled Trump’s election fraud falsehoods.

Pressed on whether Dominion has a lawsuit against Fox News in the works, Poulos replied: “We are not ruling anybody out.”

On Monday, Lindell lamented in an interview with Insider that a decision by well-known retailers including Kohl’s and Bed Bath & Beyond to stop carrying his products over his false election claims would prompt more financial loses for MyPillow.

“Those stores combined did $65 million in business last year,” Lindell told Insider. “And now I won’t have them this year, or any year. They’re done.”

Dominion’s move to sue Lindell comes a month after the company launched separate lawsuits against both Powell and Rudy Giuliani for defamation. Much like its lawsuit against the MyPillow CEO, Dominion alleged that both Powell and Giuliani led disinformation campaigns that have destroyed the value of its business. Dominion is seeking $1.3 billion each from Powell and Giuliani in their respective lawsuits.

Dominion isn’t the only voting technology company looking to hold Trumpworld figures accountable for spreading false claims that the tech companies helped “steal” the presidential election from Trump.

Earlier this month, Smartmatic sued Powell, Giuliani and three Fox News hosts by alleging that they conspired to spread disinformation.

Watch Poulos’ remarks below:

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