Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Dark Clouds Roll Over Kolkata as Cyclone Amphan Nears

Dark Clouds Roll Over Kolkata as Cyclone Amphan Nears

Dark clouds rolled over Kolkata on May 19, as Cyclone Amphan approached India and Bangladesh, reports said. The cyclone is expected to hit the two countries on May 20, bringing storm surges and winds of up to 115 mph. India and Bangladesh began evacuations of people in the storm’s path, reports said. In India, regional governments in Odisha and West Bengal are planning to evacuate more than a million people, a task made more complicated by the coronavirus pandemic, and the mass movement of migrant workers that has followed India’s lockdown. Videos shared by the Press Information Bureau show teams deployed by the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in West Bengal and Odisha encouraging people to evacuate their homes and move to cyclone shelters while adhering to social distancing measures. Video filmed by Kolkata resident Ashutosh Singh shows storm clouds arriving in the area on Tuesday. Credit: Ashutosh Singh via Storyful

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