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Corrie’s Elaine actress warns ‘no one will predict’ upcoming Geoff twist

Corrie's Elaine actress warns 'no one will predict' upcoming Geoff twist

Coronation Street ‘s Paula Wilcox appeared on Lorraine on Tuesday where she spoke to stand-in host Christine Lampard.

Paula plays the new bombshell character Elaine Jones, whose true identity was finally revealed last night as Tim Metcalfe’s mother.

Elaine is the ex-wife of evil Geoff Metcalfe and she escaped him and changed her name from Phillippa to Elaine so he could never track her down.

She wanted to take baby Tim with her but Geoff would not let her see him, and then Geoff raised Tim telling him his mother was dead.

Paula first made a brief cameo in Corrie in 1969

In the emotional episode on Monday, Elaine revealed to TIm that she was his mother and that she had escaped Geoff because he was abusing her.

As Geoff’s abuse storyline with Yasmeen continues, Paula teased that the impending climax to the story is one no fan could have predicted.

“It’s fantastic isn’t it, when I was asked to do it I so thrilled, I immediately started watching Corrie to catch up with the whole Yasmeen and Geoff story… I was hooked from the moment I started watching!” she said.

Christine said Elaine felt she did not have the strength at first to confront the situation, but was building up the courage and finally told Tim the truth.

Paula said her character Elaine was incredibly brave to have returned to confront her abusive ex husband

And she teased there is a dramatic climax to the storyline that has captured viewers for months.

Christine asked: “I assume that your character is going to be part of the climax tot this story?”

“I think so, there is a big climax coming for sure, and I don’t think anybody will see that coming,” revealed Paula.

She explained how Elaine was feeling: “After almost 50 years of keeping the secret, finally finding out where Geoff lived because of Yasmeen, meeting Yasmeen first and seeing how vulnerable she is.

Geoff Metcalfe’s ex Elaine visited Yasmeen in prison in her first scene back on Corrie

Wondering what Geoff’s situation is and seeing him coming out of the house with Tim and realising that’s my son, and then going to face him, it’s massive.

“Part of her thought Tim would go, ‘Oh your my mum how wonderful!’ and fling his arms around her, but it didn’t happen that way.”

Paula also revealed that Elaine Jones was not her first appearance on Coronation Street – she actually starred in the soap in 1969, when she was just 18.

A black and white clip played of her first stint on the soap, a brief scene where she was being teased over her short skirt.

* Lorraine airs on weekdays on ITV at 9am

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