Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Coronavirus vaccine: Can’t get your second COVID shot on time? Here’s what experts want you to know

Coronavirus vaccine: Can't get your second COVID shot on time? Here's what experts want you to know

For example, the newest data on Pfizer’s vaccine model suggests that the vaccine can be administered 6 weeks apart as well. However, right now, there’s limited study to suggest how it would affect the efficacy or protection rate.

Similar guidelines also exist for homegrown vaccines right now.

The important thing, as experts suggest is that people DO get the second dose, even in cases of delay. Side-effects and availability shouldn’t stop you from getting the second dose. Only a second dose will garner you full, effective protection against the deadly virus.

It should also be noted that six weeks is the maximum time scientists and medical experts have established for now. It is yet unknown how effective a vaccine would be if administered after the six-week window.

It is also crucial that people oversee that they are getting the same vaccine, as they did before. Mixing vaccine doses or supplies may not give desirable results.

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